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Homes Not Borders

A Home After A Two Year Journey: Jalal's Story
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After spending two years in a refugee camp, Jalal is grateful for his new home in MD
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Laura Osuri

Homes Not Borders serves families like Jalal’s, who arrived a few weeks ago from a third country refugee camp and said to us in a letter, “I have had different social, economic and humanitarian experience (sic) during these two years which was quite unique and unforgettable. I want to highlight one point that humanity is still alive in the world. Your support has not only helped us for providing such beautiful home stuff but also taught me that we are living in a humanitarian and moral society. I appreciate the time and effort that your team has taken for us and help us as humans.” Rather than arriving to an empty apartment, Homes Not Borders provided everything from furniture to houseware to personal care items so after a long and difficult journey, Jalal and his kids walked into a beautifully furnished home.

Introduction to Homes Not Borders

Homes Not Borders is a Maryland-based nonprofit that helps refugee families get settled and feel at home in the United States. Homes Not Borders was started in 2017 at the start of the Syrian crisis and it was just a mission of a local church. And the biggest need from the refugees was kind of the home set up. There's three resettlement agencies in the area and we started helping one just kind of providing extra items and by the end of one year, we were providing everything from furnishings to forks and knives. Our main program is home set ups so we provide the furnishings and house hold goods upon resettlement. We go above and beyond to help them have a comfortable and welcoming place. We also save them the resettlement money that would otherwise be spent on furnishings.

Homes Not Borders
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