Hope for Haiti Inc.

Hope for Haiti Inc.

Rebuilding the School in Ravine Sable
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Mr. Rode Petit Frère, Founder and Director of Ravine Sable school in southern Haiti
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Hope for Haiti

The school in Ravine Sable, one of our oldest partner communities, sustained major damage during the 2021 earthquake. As part of our earthquake recovery plan, HomePlan and The Digicel Foundation generously supported the reconstruction of three classrooms and the renovation of four school blocks.

The school now has 19 spacious classrooms, meeting the standards of the MENFP, Haiti’s Ministry of Education. It also has an administrative space, a computer room, a depot and a sanitation block with handwashing stations.

Mr. Rode Petit Frère, Founder and Director of the school, says: “Ravine Sable now has one of the biggest and nicest schools in southern Haiti. We are grateful for this timely and continuous support, especially after the earthquake that inflicted significant damage to our school and community. The reconstruction of the three classrooms that collapsed and the renovation of the rest of the school mean ample and quality learning space for our students to learn and flourish. I want to say a huge thank you to Hope for Haiti for its longtime support and commitment to our school and community, and also to Home Plan and The Digicel Foundation, who contributed to providing us with such a nice school.”

Creating Access to Education in Haiti

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Video: Girls jump roping in background
Text: Hope for Haiti partners with Community Schools in the most rural parts of the country.
Video: Jean-Marc Vaval, Primary Teacher speaking in native language
Text: What I love most about teaching is when
Video: Jean-Marc writing on chalkboard
Text: The kids go home and share what they’ve learned from me.
Video: Students writing in notebooks
Text: And when students go off to a new school, and come back and thank me, and say “without you, we wouldn’t have made it.”
Video: Jean-Marc in view speaking
Text: That’s a reward for me. I love seeing that the students have really learned something from me, and that they’ve valued their education.
Video: Student writing
Text: It’s motivating for me, it makes me
Video: Jean-Marc in view speaking
Text: work harder, because I want to keep contributing to the education of the children in this community.
Video: Students running in background
Text: Hope for Haiti supports over 400 teachers and 7000 students each year in 24 schools.
Text: Teacher Salary Subsidies, Teacher Trainings, School Supplies, Clean water and sanitation, Health and nutrition, computer labs
Text: To learn more about our education program visit www.hopeforhaiti.com
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Hope for Haiti Inc.
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