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Angel Jones was born in Wellington Park and her roots with Horton’s Kids span more than three decades.
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Angel Jones was born in Wellington Park and her roots with Horton’s Kids span more than three decades. She and her siblings were some of the organization’s first participants -
attending weekend field trips and enrichment activities and forming relationships with volunteers.

“Being out of the neighborhood had a big impact on our lives, how we carry ourselves, treating people the way you want to be treated, loving people the way you want to be loved,” she said. “It was having a village to show us different ways we can go in this life. Our parents taught us the same things, so it was double or triple the teaching.”

Today, Angel’s two youngest children are taking advantage of many of the resources and experiences their mother enjoyed, from academic tutoring and mentoring to summer jobs and sleepaway camp. “It’s an honor to have them involved in the same organization and growing the same way I did,” said Angel, who remembers the support and guidance Horton’s Kids provided as a teenager when her mom passed away. “They’re still there. They never left. They’re family to me, I get emotional talking about it.”

Horton’s Kids continuously works to create a supportive community environment for parents and kids alike. We are glad that Angel continues to see Horton’s Kids as a resource that she and her children can benefit from - especially as the organization’s programs evolve.

Growing up, Angel took note of the sense of community among parents – especially mothers. Now that she is a mother, she wants to contribute to the community as an advocate for parents and caregivers from Stanton Oaks and Wellington Park. In 2022 Angel affirmed her position as a community advocate by joining the Horton’s Kids Board of Directors.

“I thought about the parents,” she said. “I thought about being there for my community – to research and bring support and resources back to parents. Being on the board meant giving back to an
organization and people who gave so much.”

Having community members serve at the board leadership level is part of Horton’s Kids’ commitment to equity and involvement by, for, and from the community. Their perspective, lived experience, and passion for their communities is invaluable.

Angel is looking forward to using her leadership position to find new ways to keep parents and caregivers engaged and connected with Horton’s Kids and each other. “You never know how someone else’s life is until you connect with them. They may be going through the same thing, or perhaps something worse. You learn a lot from sharing, then you can get through things together.”

Horton's Kids SummerFest 2023

Horton's Kids welcomed 134 K-8 students for our 2023 Summer Fest, a five-week summer camp program for children in Anacostia. Students spent the morning focused on literacy and math tutoring and their afternoons taking part in enrichment activities including STEAM projects, dance, sports and field trips including to the Smithsonian Zoo, local museums and skating. It's one of the year-round programs Horton's Kids offers for PreK-12 participants to ensure they graduate from high school ready for success in college, career and life.

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