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Staff getting food ready to be given to a family

Jody was a volunteer for House of Mercy a few years ago. Recently, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was going through a messy divorce. She felt that she hit rock bottom when she was evicted from her home and just trying to make ends meet. She felt so ashamed to ask for help but remembered House of Mercy and how they never shamed anyone but only wanted to help, so she came in and made an account. While she was registering, she shared that she was struggling with the chemo and radiation and the various side effects of the brain tumor. She felt isolated in her situation, but thanked Erin, who was checking her in, for simply listening. She said, “thank you for not trying to solve my problems or give me advice. Just listening and hearing me has been the best thing I have experienced in a while and I am so grateful that I was able to overcome my pride and come ask for help. I feel seen and supported again”. Please join us in praying for Jody as she goes through this difficult time.

House of Mercy in Action

A day without food.
A day with food.
Jessica Root is the executive director of House of Mercy in Manassas, VA.
She says during the pandemic, the pantry was serving more than 100 .
families And today, families in Prince William County still need help.
Last year and this year we've served about 40 to 50,000 people and about half our children.
So one of our goals is to provide some of those really basic necessities, like diapers.
So Rebecca's packing some diapers right now.
They were much needed item, but the pantry simply doesn't have enough on hand to give.
Every client and entire box, each family gets beans and rice, a bag of basic dry goods.
We have two cans of soup and then more volunteers fill carts with fresh food items.
It doesn't seem like that much to some of us if we can afford it, but to somebody who is really struggling financially, I mean it can really literally mean ohh hey, I have the lights on or I'm getting food,

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