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Jude. Immigration Equality Client

My name is Jude, and I’m an asylee from Saudi Arabia. As a queer, non-binary person, growing up under sharia law was terrifying.

I cut my hair short, wore boys' clothes, and dated girls—all in secret. The punishment for a woman or perceived woman dressing as a man, or same-sex relationships, includes lashings and death. Can you imagine your only choice being between severe punishment or living every day as someone you’re not?

That wasn’t a choice I was willing to make, and thanks to Immigration Equality, I didn’t have to. They set me up with an amazing lawyer, and in 2017, I won asylum! I’m now living my best life and able to proudly celebrate my identity on Non-Binary People’s Day.

Winning asylum gave me a sense of hope that I’d lost a very long time ago. It felt like I finally had something to look forward to, something to work towards, a light at the end of the tunnel that I could actually reach.

Because of supporters like you, I am safe. I no longer live in constant fear of oppression and violence because of my gender identity.


Jude Black, Former Client
Immigration Equality

LGBTQ Immigrants Deserve Asylum

Hi my name is Jude. I'm a nonbinary refugee from Saudi Arabia. The only acceptable path for me was to marry a man and have children.

Had I been caught wearing boys clothing or kissing a girl out in public, I would be punished with lashing or possibly even death.

Saudi Arabia is just one of over 80 countries where it is a crime or extremely dangerous to be LGBTQ.

In Nigeria I was an LGBT rights activist. I started getting death threats for being openly gay and visible in the movement, so I had to flee the country. When asylum seekers have high quality legal representation, they are five times more likely to win their case.

Immigration Equality provides free legal services to 800 LGBTQ asylum seekers and maintains a 99% case win rate. And we rally our supporters behind our vision. A future where everyone may live proudly and openly in a safe and welcoming nation.

Immigration Equality
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