India Development and Relief Fund,Inc

India Development and Relief Fund,Inc

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Water Wheels
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IDRF has provided more than 500 Water Wheels, that help women and girls in villages fetch 45 liters of water at one go, from the ponds and wells about 2-3 miles from their homes. These durable plastic water containers on wheels save time, effort, and drudgery for women and girls. Each Water Wheel costs only $35 and is used by 4-5 women/families daily for fetching water for their household use. Most people don’t realize that each Water Wheel saves women and girls several hours of trudging and carrying water every day! “The Water Wheels have saved me from years of neck and back pain”, says Jyotiben. “Even the personal hygiene activities of my family have improved with the availability of extra water! Thanks to IDRF for providing Water Wheels, my daughter Pooja now has time to study and play with other children”.


India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) is a Maryland-based 501 (c ) (3), tax-exempt public charity. IDRF empowers people with skills, services, and infrastructure in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Set up in 1988 by a World Bank economist, IDR has earned top ratings from around the industry for accountability and transparency. IDRF has low overheads and spends your donation dollars most efficiently and effectively. Please donate for our programs focusing on the Education of poor children and the skill development of young men and women, Health services for the poor and needy, Women and Community Empowerment through micro-loans and livelihood skills, Eco-friendly developments to combat climate change, rainwater harvesting, pond desilting, Good Governance and Innovations at the grassroots level and Relief and Rehabilitation of the victims of natural and man-made disasters. Please Donate to support a cause dear to your heart and transform lives! Thank you.

India Development and Relief Fund,Inc
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