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Safe Water Save Lives
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Kids dancing in water from a new well
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Pritha and her husband Arjun live with their two children in a village that has struggled to get safe and clean water. Pritha and 800 other families depended on an unreliable water well that would often break down and be unusable for weeks. When the water well did work, it could only provide for half of the families in the community. Pritha’s family and the entire village now have a reliable and efficient water well that can provide disease-free for every family in the village.

Getting enough water for the day used to be such a challenge. Pritha would have to travel to another village to collect water for her family. Because she works from home as a tailor, leaving to fetch water would mean she would be unable to work, and her children would miss school. Pritha no longer needs stop working, or keep her kids out of school, just to fetch safe water. Because of your generosity, she has more time work and care for her family, her kids are empowered to learn, and her family is thriving!

Child Sponsorship

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Video: Children working, putting up bricks
Text: 10.13 million child labourers
Text: 400,000 children living on the street
Video: Kid pushing wheelbarrow
Text: 35 million do not attend school
Video: Kids and adults placing out bricks
Text: 20% of the world’s under five mortality
Video: Boys walking carrying buckets and holding pots over head
Text: 97 million anemic & undernourished
Video: Girl walking carrying bucket
Text: 99 million children living in extreme poverty
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Text: India Partners Child Sponsorship
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Video: Kids sitting at tables eating together
Video: Kids writing in notebooks
Text: Food, education & hope for a brighter future
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Text: Come, help us make a difference in a child’s life
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