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Kids Get Cancer Too

Ezlynn's Journey Beating Neuroblastoma
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Ezlynn's Journey to Beat Neuroblastoma
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In March of 2020, Ezlynn was diagnosed with Stage 4, High Risk, Neuroblastoma when she was only 3 years old. After finding the tumor on her adrenal gland, she immediately began treatment. Shortly after treatment began, her Dr. recommended a clinical trial that may also be a good fit for her diagnosis. The family's insurance company approved the coverage for the first round of treatments of the trial and the clinicals were scheduled. Ezlynn responded well to the treatments and it was recommended that she continue through the following stages of the trial; however, her insurance company denied coverage of further clinical trial treatments. Through a facebook friend, Ezlynn's story made it's way to Kids Get Cancer Too.  Our organization agreed to cover the cost of the rest of her clinicals and Ezlynn continued treatment without any delays in the schedule. By July of 2020, Ezlynn's scan came back clear, without any signs of cancer, and in July of 2021 she celebrated a full year of being cancer free, and continues to receive clear scans. Ezlynn started kindergarten this past fall and is being homeschooled by her mom. She is experiencing speech delays due to her loss of hearing, which is a side-effect of the life-saving treatment she received. She and her family are currently learning ASL together and Ezlynn is thriving. Kids Get Cancer Too is committed to helping families battling pediatric cancer in a variety of ways. Sometimes we pay for wigs, or braces, or special strollers and wagons... and sometimes we pay for clinical treatments that help save a kiddo's life. 

Kids Get Cancer Too

Kids Get Cancer Too is providing a video created in the VivaVideo app.

It is less than one minute long, under 25MB, and contains no voice-over, so no captions are needed.

It consists of a series of slides with verbiage, photos of children we have served over the years, and a compilation of videos taken from one of our 5k Pie Run events.

All photos of children and their families are being used with permission. Families provide consent to use photos for promotional purposes when they complete their application for funding.

We chose royalty-free music that was provided by the VivaVideo app.

Video description:


Slide 1 – the Kids Get Cancer Too logo

Slide 2 – Verbiage explaining our mission “Kids Get Cancer Too is committed to providing financial, emotional, and spiritual support to families with children in active cancer treatment.”

Slides 3-11 – Photos of kids that we have supported over the past several years. Consent given by each family.

Slide 12 – Verbiage explaining what our financial support looks like “Kids Get Cancer Too pays for things like wigs, strollers, hearing aids, braces, and many other needs that families can’t afford.”
Slide 13-20 – Photos of kids that we have supported over the past several years. Consent given by each family.
Slide 14 – Verbiage explaining that we also have fun “Kids Get Cancer Too is also known for having a LOT of fun! We fight pediatric cancer with pie-in-the-face-humor. One giggle. One smile. One pie at a time.”

Kids Get Cancer Too
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