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Kyrus Charities

Kyrus Chariites Provides Tech Solutions for Emerging Nonprofits
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Students, professors, tech mentor and emerging nonprofit come together on Zoom to work on the acclelerataor project.
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Kerrie Schram / Joshua Meadows

In Loudoun County, Virginia, Kyrus Charities is making a mark. Their aim is simple: to support emerging nonprofits with the necessary technical tools they need to grow.

Kerrie Schram, the force behind Kyrus Charities, has a clear vision: "Every nonprofit we assist strengthens our community." Kyrus Charities is all about teamwork. They're combining tech expertise with self-defense initiatives and data-driven approaches.

Their current project is with #500Rising, an organization that trains women in self-defense. Her collaboration with West Virginia University (WVU) John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Data-Driven West Virginia (DDWV) adds to this vision. They connect students' skills with real-world challenges while benefiting emerging nonprofits. Alongside (WVU) (DDWV) and mentor Dan Barton from Kyrus Tech, Kyrus Charities is streamlining #500Rising's training content.

With over 3,000 nonprofits in Loudoun County, Virginia, Kyrus Charities is set on a path to improve community life and student experiences. Schram hopes more tech companies will join them to lend their expertise and mentor students. They're inviting tech experts and businesses to join them in this mission. Kyrus Charities is shaping a future of growth and collaboration that benefits emerging nonprofits and the entire community.

Kyrus Charities Accelerator Project -Sparks of Change

Every nonprofit begins with a spark, a desire to make a difference in this world, but often, they need support to turn that spark into a force that warms the lives of those they serve at Cairo's charities. We believe in empowering nonprofits to create lasting change. We bring together the resources and skills of companies, the enthusiasm and talent of college students, and the passion of nonprofits to achieve a powerful, enduring impact through our accelerator projects.

We fuel the flames of change. We provide the knowledge, tools, and support that enable nonprofits to sustain their work and share their light with others. So join us in our mission to strengthen nonprofits to ensure their efforts can reach the darkest corners and bring hope to those who need it most. Together, we can change the world one spark at a time.

Kyrus Charities
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