Little Children of the World, Inc

Little Children of the World, Inc

Health Equals Opportunity: Maria Rosal
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Maria Rosal as a young girl (left) and as a college graduate/professional (right)
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Little Children of the World, Inc.

Little Children of the World is a Christian ministry lending a helping hand to those in need. Our holistic strategy for ending the cycle of poverty is best described by the acronym HELPS:
H – Health and Housing, E – Education, L – Livelihood, P – Peace and Faith, and S – Sponsorship. Our mission is to help develop caring Christian communities for the world’s children at risk so they will be able to escape poverty and abuse. We share love by letting poverty-stricken children know that someone cares about them, give help through financial partnership, and bring hope to those who have none through sharing Jesus.


Born with a congenital heart defect and plagued by severe financial hardships in the Philippines, Maria Rosal wondered if she would ever have a chance in life. She was a bright young woman, full of resilience; all she needed was an opportunity to live. Without surgery, her future would be grim. Without a father in the picture, she and her mother joined LCP when she was young after exhausting all other options to receive treatment. LCW was an answered prayer. The Health Program identified a sponsor to cover the cost of her operation in Thailand. She made a full recovery and was granted sponsorship and educational support all the way through high school. She grew into a smart, active young woman, unincumbered by the condition that once could have claimed her life.

After finishing senior high, she qualified for an LCW College Scholarship. She grabbed the opportunity and did not look back. She is a strong woman, determined to overcome the setbacks and challenges she has in her life. She succeeded academically and at LCW, and she joined the choir and dance teams. She became a confident leader with a strong faith in God. Maria Rosal proceeded to college, studying Education. This June, she graduated with her BS in Early Childhood Education. She has a heart for teaching children and looks forward to a future of shaping young lives.
All this would not be possible without medical care and opportunities for education through sponsorship. There are many children like Maria Rosal in need of a helping hand.

Our holistic HELPS strategy has changed thousands of lives, just like Maria Rosal. You can get involved through sponsoring a child or supporting other HELPS programs. Thank you for supporting Little Children of the World!

Little Children of the World Introductory Video

The video displays pictures and videos of children and families in our H.E.L.P.S. programs in the Philippines. There is a soft melody playing throughout the video with no spoken audio.

Who are we?
Little Children of the World is a Christian Ministry.
Lending a helping hand to those in need.
What we do…
We share LOVE by letting children know someone cares.
We give HELP through financial partnership.
We bring HOPE by sharing Jesus.
How Little Children of the World H.E.L.P.S…
H - Health and Shelter
E - Education at all levels
L - Livelihood opportunities
P - Peace and faith in Jesus
S - Sponsorship for $35 per month
$35 per month changes their life forever.
You can get involved!
Every bit helps: Pray, Volunteer, Sponsor a child, In-kind gifts, & Donations
Many children are waiting for sponsorship.
Thank you for supporting Little Children of the World!

Little Children of the World, Inc
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