Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio

LSS Food Pantries feed families in need
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Victoria waits outside of the LSS Food Pantry on Champion Ave in Columbus to get food to feed her family.
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Kara Mahone

Victoria, age 35, has five children at home and decided to make her first visit to the LSS Champion Ave Food Pantry a few days before Easter and her children’s week-long spring break from school. “I’m here trying to stock up for the holiday and because my kids will not be eating at school all next week,” she said. “The current food prices in the grocery stores are way too high, and because gas prices and rent are also going up, I thought I could come here for help.”

Victoria’s family of seven are renting a four-bedroom home on Champion Ave, so she was able to take the bus to get to the pantry, which she says is very convenient. “My husband works, but it is getting harder to just live on that one income,” she admitted. “I have an interview for a job set up for next week so that I might be able to work too to try to help pay the bills. I can work now that my youngest kids, twins, are eight years old.”

She plans to visit the pantry in the future if she needs help. “I just thank God for places like this,” she commented. “We are all just trying to make it through. After you pay all of your bills, sometimes there just isn’t enough money left for food. We really appreciate this place, and we always try to help others by giving and sharing what we can.”

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio
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