Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri & Kansas

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri & Kansas

Sam's Wish
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Sam pictured with his new puppy, Kai after wishing to have a puppy from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri & Kansas.

By the age of 6, most kids are familiar with knee scrapes or other pain in the form of an occasional boo-boo. But as Sam endured all that he did at such a young age, there was also another thing that set Sam apart. Sam would receive his life-transforming wish to have a puppy to call his own.

Sam’s mother, Darien, said that Sam’s love for dogs began when he was very young. While Sam’s father, Josiah, was deployed to Afghanistan Sam would attend a program called “Paws for Kids” which was a program designed for families that had a mom or dad deployed overseas. Darien said they would go there once a week to visit the therapy dogs and Sam would take them on walks or give them treats. “That’s what sparked his wish for a puppy,” said Darien.

After much anticipation, Sam’s wish finally came true. Josiah drove to pick up the dark brown labradoodle, weighing only 6 lbs. Sam would name his very own puppy “Kai” after a character from Lego Ninjago. “He wasn’t just thinking of himself [when he wished for a puppy] but thinking of the whole family and something that everybody could enjoy.” – Darien, Sam’s Mom

Don't Wait For Hope Create It.

What would you give for a child you loved - to make their wish come true? To help them fight a critical illness. Just imagine what you'd do. Every single one of us can make the stars align. Because when we come together, hope and joy will shine.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri & Kansas
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