Martha's Kitchen

Martha's Kitchen

The meal always tastes better when you give back
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Martha's Kitchen Help Us FightHunger
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Martha's Kitchen

- Carol* who due to some circumstances could not share the same living quarters with her family. So she meets her husband and children at Martha's Kitchen so that they can have a meal together as a family. Here they enjoy a clean, warm and welcoming place to enjoy each other's company while having a nice nutritious dinner. - Joe and Betty* had dined at our soup kitchen for years.One day they came in their jalopy and handed us $300 cash to give back for all the years we helped them when they were down and out. Asked if they could not use the cash to help fix their car, the reply was, "Oh no, there are people who are in more dire need than us. We now have a job and we want to give back!" - After receiving a grant from Adobe at a breakfast meeting, our Executive Director was on the way to the parking lot when another another attendee stopped to thank her for helping her out when she was without a job. She said, "Just a year ago, I was eating Martha's Kitchen food. Thanks so much. Now I have a job as Admin Assistant at a nonprofit." - John* after eating at our soup kitchen stays behind and insists that he wants to help mop the floor although he is obviously suffering from some form of arthritis of the back. He always says, "The meal always tastes better when you give back." * For privacy we have not used the real names of the real people in each of the stories.

Martha's Kitchen

The video shows various aspects of our hot meal and grocery programs. It highlights/ focuses on our volunteers and community. There are no words, just some background audio which we have content licenses for. Lastly, we have our logo and a qr code on this video to donate, for sharing purposes and to make it easier for individuals to get involved.

Our Impact is made YOU! Nearly 250,000 meals each month to those in need. Lives changed one meal at a time. Let's fight hunger together!

Martha's Kitchen
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