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I Am Patricia.
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We Are Patricia!
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Mercy Manor, Inc.

We Are Patricia
As I sat in a jail cell for the 218 th time, I knew I no longer wanted to continue to use drugs. I was tired! After 11
months in jail, my release was soon approaching, and I couldn’t just be let out. I knew if I went back to where I
came from, I would die. So I wrote every place I could think of that would help me stay clean. Mercy Manor is
where I wanted to go, but at the time they were full. But I continued to call them and let them know how badly
I needed their help. By the grace of God, Mercy Manor let me in. I was so grateful. When I got to Mercy
Manor I had nothing but what I left jail with. They supplied me with all I needed from clothes to personal
items. I got a sponsor and attended meetings every day. Ms. Barbara recommended that I do the re-entry
program, so I attended and graduated. I got a life coach through Care Source and at that time I was able to look
for a job. I landed a great job at The Foodbank. The pay was great, and I even have benefits. I saved my
money and got an apartment in a sober building where my sponsor is my neighbor. I attend meetings and I
attend college at Sinclair for non-profit business. I’m still employed, and I use my support. Mercy Manor is
still there for me today and I owe them my life. I would not be here if it wasn’t for them.

Mercy Manor Inc
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