Military Child Education Coalition

Military Child Education Coalition

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Family welcoming home LCDR Killian, NAF Atsugi, Japan. Return of HSC-12 Golden Falcons off the USS Ronald Reagan.
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“A recent transition created a lapse in gifted educationopportunities for my children but connecting with MCEC opened somany doors. I’m thankful my family is now on a path of certainty.MCEC’s care made all the difference.”~ Rebecca, ParentRebecca was attending an event on base. Being a military spouse and parent, she struckup a conversation with an MCEC Community Coordinator who serves as liaison to the local military-connected community. It became clear that the transition issues for which Rebecca was seeking advice could more appropriately be addressed by Mark Patton, one of MCEC’s Military Student Consultants (MSC).Rebecca’s family recently transitioned to a new duty location, and the new schools would not recognize the prior schools’ testing, resulting in both of Rebecca’s children being denied gifted education classes. Mark contacted the School Liaison and the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commissioner (MIC3) to help ensure the district placed the kids appropriately.Mark also introduced Rebecca to MCEC’s SchoolQuest, a free online tool to help military parents better prepare for critical transitions. When Mark learned the children were “Gold Star” kids, he also introduced Rebecca to benefits and assistance available through Gold StarFamilies, revealing opportunities she hadn’t known to explore.Connecting to MCEC opens many doors, not only to our free resources, but to thewider community of coalition partners that can offer support and assistance for militaryfamilies.Thanks to the generous and abiding donations of our supporters, our MSCs can remain responsive, and vital resources can remain free.

Military Child Education Coalition

Military Child Education Coalition | MCEC

Military-connected kids can change schools 6 to 9 times between kindergarten and high school graduation.
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These kids are strong, but they sacrifice alongside their service member.
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The Military Child Education Coalition, or M-SEC, is the premier non-profit focused solely on helping military families resolve education challenges.
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MCEC gives them the support, tools, and resources they need to thrive.
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You can help. Join our coalition. Make a difference.
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Military Child Education Coalition
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