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Finding a Way Home
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In early 2021, a family of two adults and two children with developmental disabilities lost their home and had minimal income. They sought refuge in a local emergency shelter that is part of the Cheshire County Emergency Housing Collaborative (CCEHC), where their names were added to NH’s prioritization list and resources were available to find stable housing. With limited housing tock, the family spent an entire year in the shelter. They finally obtained a two-bedroom apartment and utilized a State program to cover essential expenses. The father secured full-time employment and the children continued their education without disruption. With these combined efforts, the family seamlessly integrated into their new community, serving as a testament to the family’s resiliency and CCEHC’s impact.
Established in 2020 with funding from MUW, CCEHC members include Southwestern Community Services, Hundred Nights, Inc, and Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention. CCEHC members work closely together to assist homeless and housing-insecure individuals and families in obtaining stable housing using Low Barrier, Trauma Informed Care, and Housing First approaches.

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