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Montgomery Area Food Bank

It Takes a Village
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Members and volunteers at Beacon Light Ministries working to provide members of their communitiy with much needed food and encouragement.
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Brian Smith

The Heart of Alabama Food Bank provides direct service in supplying food to over 200 agencies throughout 12 counties. One such agency is the Beacon Light Ministries located in Montgomery. On Saturday, July 19th, 2023, Brian Smith and his wife attended the mobile food pantry set up at Beacon Light Ministries in support of Pastor Anita Leige. Below is Brian’s account of the event:

“I must say, it was a very spiritual experience. Ms. Anita motivated her volunteers with some wonderful gospel music. Her volunteer staff was simply amazing. First-class service! I was very moved because it had started to rain very hard that morning; however, that didn’t stop their distribution process at all. Ms. Anita was leading from the front, passing out food in the rain as well as flowers and hope to some of the senior clients she served. She didn’t turn anyone away! When she ran out of already prepared boxes, we went back inside to make more from a closet of reserved food.

Ms. Anita even had volunteer staff who were close friends and relatives from the State of Georgia. They had brought their grandchildren, who participated in serving her clients. They were so happy, especially to have been taught what it means to serve. A great overall moving experience. When we closed out in prayer, she shared a story about how badly she needed refrigeration so she could distribute more. She didn’t pray for the refrigeration herself; she prayed that God would allocate the resources to those who need it the most!”

Your support allows HAFB to provide the food – folks like Pastor Anita Leige and her volunteers make sure that it gets into the hands of those in need. It truly takes a village!

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