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Move Over, Hunger: 30 Million Meals Delivered and Counting!
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Move For Hunger is proud to have provided more than 30 million meals since our founding in 2009.

Move For Hunger is celebrating delivering their 30 millionth meal since its start in 2009!

The journey of Move For Hunger began in 2009 when Adam Lowy, inspired by the substantial amount of leftover food discarded during moves conducted by his family's moving company, decided to take action. He began asking customers if they would be willing to donate their left behind food when they moved, and was able to provide several hundred pounds of food in the first year to local communities in need.

Move For Hunger was founded with one idea in mind - donate your food when you move - and has since expanded from one family moving company to a network of 1,200 transportation partners, including many of the world’s leading relocation management companies, and more than 2,500 multifamily apartment communities nationwide.

Providing fresh food to hungry communities has also been a key aspect of the organization, however since the launch of our fresh food program in 2021, it has become an integral part of the mission. So far in 2023, we’ve already surpassed last year’s total (1.8 million lbs) at more than 2.1 million pounds of fresh food.

The United States’ food insecure communities are in need now more than ever, since cuts to the food assistance program were signed into law in December of 2022, leaving little time for states and individuals to prepare for less access to food. The timing of these cuts to the SNAP program coincided with significant inflation across the country - including transportation, utilities, housing costs, and groceries.

With 2022 being the most impactful year since the start of Move For Hunger, providing over 4.6 million meals to food insecure communities, the Move For Hunger staff and network have been working tirelessly this year to combat the rising food insecurity due to all of the recent challenges.

The results so far? Over 3.6 million meals delivered - and they’re only halfway through the year.

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Hi, my name is Adam Lowy and I'm the founder and executive director of Move for Hunger.
Move For Hunger is a national nonprofit organization that's working to eliminate hunger and food waste across this great country.

We started with my family's 100 year old moving business. Seeing people throw away food when they were relocating, we asked them to donate that food when they moved and you know what, they wanted to do a good thing and we made it easy

Since then, we've expanded to more than 1200 movers and 600,000 apartment communities all across the United States. Additionally, we're teaming up with farmers CPG companies, wholesalers, distributors capturing food in bulk. We've got the trucks and we're working to get that food to where it is most desperately needed.

With more than one in eight Children in this country going to bed hunger each night, it is never more important to get involved with this cause.

Our CFC charity code is 44551.So please consider making a donation to support our cause or visit and learn how you can get involved.
Thanks so much.

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