NAACP Foundation

NAACP Foundation


We are the NAACP, still fighting for justice

Overhead shot of a street: African Americans and other

Mom and kids going downstairs: people of color are dying from

dad and son wearing masks: COVID-19 at alarming rates

Shot of a business sign that says, We will be CLOSED until further notice, be safe stay healthy: This year could have taken away everything.

Business boarded up shown: We're here today because

Person holding sign at a protest that says, George Floyd: George Floyd is not here.

Police blocking a street due to protesting: 2020 reminded us we've

Old video of protesters: only come so far.

People in line to vote: And many of these restrictions had a

Shot of a long line of voters: disparate impact on black voters.

Old video of protesters in front of the Lincoln Memorial: A year that threatened decades

Current video of protesters in front of the Lincoln Memorial: of progress. And rather than

Person with their fist in the air: accept it, we decided to fight.

Shot of people by a fist statue, old video of protesters: We persisted, remembering where we

Overhead shot of thousands of people on the mall (older video): came from, and most importantly,

Current shot of people on the mall: where we're going.

Various shots of virtual meetings: We organized,

Overhead shot of Black Lives Matter painted on the street in DC, shots of people with shirts that say vote, registering others to vote: We inspired, we voted.

People with volunteer shirts, shot of women with Justice for Mohamed Bah sign, quick shots of paintings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others: We volunteered. We remember.

8 Minutes 45, 46 seconds is shown on the screen

Overhead shot of protesters: We always remember because we

Shot of people mourning at a memorial: can't afford to forget

Shot of protesters, walking, speaking into a speaker: to empower ourselves and our community.

Old video of people protesting/walking down a street, people posing by a NAACP statue, fast shots of various people protesting, volunteering, etc.: We are the NAACP, still fighting for justice,

The words NAACP is shown on the screen: for survival,

The words NAACP is shown on the screen and the website, for you