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National Foundation for Transplants

Diagnosed with Leukemia at a young age and in need of a donor- Meet Azra Soyer, an exuberant twelve-year-old who is a loving daughter, sister, friend, and explorer.
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National Foundation for Transplants- Azra

Meet Azra Soyer, an exuberant twelve-year-old who is a loving daughter, sister, friend, and explorer. Her life revolves around the great outdoors, where she thrives on biking, hiking, and skiing adventures. If you can't spot her outside, chances are she's curled up with a captivating book on her Kindle. In September 2022, Azra's life veered into uncharted territory, a path no parent ever wants to traverse. The words "Your daughter has acute lymphoblastic leukemia" shattered their world. Swiftly, Azra's family pursued treatment, but the response they hoped for didn't materialize, even after attempting the promising CAR-T therapy, which, regrettably, didn't yield the desired results.

Nearly a year later, a pivotal moment arrived in Azra's journey. Doctors determined she needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant, igniting a quest to find a compatible donor. Miraculously, Azra's nine-year-old brother, Melhi, emerged as the perfect match.

Come August 2023, the two young siblings (Azra (12) Melhi (9)) underwent their respective bone marrow procedures, providing Azra with a chance to survive. With limited family in the United States, Azra's support system felt an overwhelming gratitude for the community members who rallied behind them.

Yet, the road ahead remained strewn with challenges. Medical treatments should never be overshadowed by financial worries, but alas, they often are. This is where the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) enters the picture. NFT collaborates with compassionate community members to raise funds for patients like Azra, lightening the heavy financial burden that accompanies organ transplants.
Azra's journey underscores the profound importance of NFT's mission. Living an hour and a half away from the hospital where she received her transplant, Azra and her parents faced the necessity of remaining close to the hospital and her medical team for several more months.

Contributions to NFT offer tangible help by offsetting the costs of long-term housing near the hospital. NFT extends its support to living donors, like Azra's brother Melhi, helping ease the financial strain of their generous gift of life. Moreover, these funds continue to play a pivotal role in post-transplant care and covering the ongoing medication expenses.

Azra's story serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the immense power of community support. The transplant journey is a daunting one, not only for the patient but also for their family. Each family navigates it with unique tools. For Azra's family, music, movement and NFT were their anchors, sustaining their strength as they rallied around Azra.

Azra's story is a reminder that even amidst the darkest days, hope shines brighter when we stand together. Your support can etch a lasting impact on the lives of patients like Azra and their families as they navigate the treacherous terrain of organ transplants.

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