Night of Peace Family Shelter

Night of Peace Family Shelter


Night of Peace_ CFC#67785

Night of Peace Family Shelter CFC#67785
Night of Peace Family Shelter, Inc.
Night of Peace family shelter helps homeless families receive the programmatic services and the support services that they need so that they can move into affordable living and to be independent and self-sufficient.
I thought we were gonna have to go back outside and sleep on the street but thank God we can have a place to stay.
I mean If it wasn't for this place, we wouldn't have found housing.
I think that what impacts people most is coming to a shelter like this.
and they are doing an incredible job to help people move on to hopefully break a cycle of homelessness.
Come and visit us. We’d love to have you meet our volunteers and a family who has benefited.
Thank you for your support.

Night of Peace Family Shelter
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