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O'Berry Center Foundation

We improve the quality of life for children & adults with developmental disabilities across North Carolina through family support grants, community services, education, quality of life initiatives and scholarships.

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A few months after O'Berry Center Foundation provided a grant for an iPAD with a communication app for a developmentally challenged six-year-old little boy, we received a phone call from his speech therapist. She wanted to share a life changing moment with us. She told us that Cameron had always had major meltdowns and had not been able to communicate his needs with his family or teachers. Each morning his Mom would ask what he would like for breakfast, even though she never got an answer from him. Then something new happened when she asked, he was able to use the iPad & app to tell her that he wanted eggs and juice. Being able to express himself opened new doors for learning and communicating. The meltdowns and outbursts that were once a part of daily life, do not happen as often. Because he is able to let everyone know what he needs or wants. Miracles happen every day!

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