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Finding A New Beginning At Our House
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Our House resident Paul, works at Our House's guard shack, directing and welcoming visitors and clients
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Sierra Fisher

“I am a new person since coming to Our House, and I’m never going back to who I was. I have to wake up every morning and reintroduce myself to myself.”

It wasn’t until late one night after being struck by a car that Paul could see it was time to turn his life around and leave behind dealing drugs. Paul’s accident landed him in two months of rehabilitation, and with no family and nowhere else to go, he was dropped off at Our House. Paul had many barriers to overcome, but he was ready to put his mind to the task. The Career Center set Paul up with bus passes, a new resume, and a phone, and though he job searched open to close, Paul’s background hindered his applications. To help him get a history of positive work experience, Paul is participating in our 9-month job training program. Paul works in the guard shack, and as the first person that new residents interact with, he tries to be the example. “I see people coming in from the same situation I was in, and they have a lot of anger, “ Paul says. “I try to steer them in the right direction, and it’s nice to be able to do that for someone else.”

Because he was thriving with all of his responsibilities, Paul was approved in a short amount of time to transition into the Family House which provides more privacy and more responsibility to our residents. Paul never thought he would even have a bank account, but with his new steady income he is excelling in his savings. Paul loves staying busy taking classes in the Career Center, and he would love to get every certification possible, especially in culinary arts!

With the help of counseling sessions from our Mental Health team, Paul barely recognizes himself sometimes—giving up drugs, drinking, cussing, and finding his faith again. Paul also took anger management classes and utilizes the ARcare clinic in the Career Center to keep up on both his mental and physical health.

Paul knows that there is more self improvement he wants to do before moving out on his own, and he’ll know when the time is right. “The old me used to put people down and now I’m lifting people up. I’m going to work hard for the rest of my life, and retire happy.”

Finding A New Beginning At Our House

Video shows a single mother, Lauren Straub, talking to camera about her experience living at Our House with her young daughter Riley. Scenes of Lauren and Riley playing together and scenes of clients at Our House receiving services play as Lauren speaks:

"I got in a cab, and spent $10 in change, the last I had, and this nice gentleman, that I will never forget, said 'just give me whatever you've got, and I'll get you there.' And so he brought me to Our House, and I didn't have to struggle after that. I didn't have to worry. Now I have this roof over my head with my daughter.

This place can help you succeed. I'm thirty... it's time for me to have a life... to finally get on with my life. I am now an adult. Since I have been here for almost 9 months I am now truly a mother by myself. The difference I've seen in Riley, and the help that I got from that is amazing. She has her own voice now. She can tell me what she needs. She can tell me what's wrong. I never the first day coming here would have thought nor imaged that this place would have resources as it does."

Video closes on the Our House logo.

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