Owl Moon Raptor Center

Owl Moon Raptor Center

Osprey Chicks on Shenandoah River
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Osprey chick begging for food
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Suzanne Shoemaker

In May 2022, a finder arrived at Owl Moon, having just picked up three hatchling Osprey chicks from a nest on the Shenandoah River. A violent thunderstorm had blown over the nest tree, tragically killing the chicks’ mother. Two of the chicks were very weak, suffering internal injuries. Despite our efforts to revive them, both died within an hour. But the third chick responded to fluid therapy and was soon alert and very hungry. We began feeding small but frequent meals: he doubled his size in just two days!

We had to act quickly to get the chick to a foster nest: we called Greg Kearns, who monitors Osprey nests on Jug Bay. He examined several nests and chose the best fit for the surviving chick. On May 29, one of Greg’s students placed the chick in a nest with two same-age siblings. When Greg checked the nest later, the chick looked well-fed and he blended right in with his siblings!

Owl Moon Raptor Center
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