Paws Assisting Veterans

Paws Assisting Veterans

Tiffany and Sage build the perfect team!
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A perfect team!
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Tiffany, a ten-year Army medic and Veteran, suffers from debilitating PTSD resulting from her military service. Before her service dog, Sage, came into her life, Tiffany’s PTSD had robbed her of the ability to thrive. She slept only about three hours each night, feared “what was outside,” and cut off relationships with family and friends. She was triggered by loud noises and quick movements, and reported feeling empty and lost. Since being matched with Sage, Tiffany’s quality of life has improved dramatically. In addition to performing practical tasks like retrieving medicine or opening and closing doors, Sage alerts Tiffany when she is experiencing, or is about to experience, a PTSD reaction, helping her remain calm and be mindful of the situation. She has complete trust in Sage and refers to her as her “battle buddy.” With Sage, Tiffany now sleeps 5-7 hours each night and no longer needs to take three of her prescribed medications. She credits the customized, one-to-one training and attention provided by PAVE for creating the perfect match with a service dog who fulfills all her needs. “Sage has brought light into my life,’ says Tiffany. “I don’t have to live in darkness.”

Tiffany and Sage: A perfect team

2023 Transcript for Paws Assisting Veterans CFC Video: “Tiffany & Sage”

PTSD has robbed me of my authenticity and my ability to thrive.
(Tiffany on camera – with Graphic “Tiffany, 10 Years, Army Medic)
(Picture of Tiffany in army uniform)

I was getting maybe three hours of sleep at night.
(Picture of Tiffany’s feet on army vehicle)

I was isolating because I was afraid of what was outside.
(Picture of Tiffany in army uniform without a hat)

The idea that I liked about getting a service dog was having a battle buddy; somebody I could 110% trust.
(Sage alerting Tiffany by pressing nose against her leg)
(Over Tiffany’s shoulder looking into Sage’s attentive eyes)
(Sage carrying a bag in his mouth as Tiffany and Sage exit the house together)
(Close up of Sage’s happy face sticking out of car window)
(Tiffany and Sage on a walk toward camera)

PAVE does a lot of one-on-one attention with you and the dog.
(Picture of Tiffany and Sage training in a Footlocker store; Graphic “One-on-One Training”)
(Sage picking up medicine bag off floor)
(Sage tugging front door open)
(Sage closing cupboard door)

But I think the biggest thing he does for me is he’s here and he alerts me when I have any type of PTSD reaction.
(close up of Tiffany’s face as she looks down toward her dog, Sage)
(Tiffany sitting on front steps of a house with Sage right next to her)

Since sage came into my life, I’m taking three less medications.
(Tiffany and Sage walking in neighborhood and turning a corner)

I was getting about three hours of sleep at night. Now, it’s between five and seven.
(Tiffany on camera talking)
(Picture of Tiffany in army uniform without a hat)
(Sage lying on Tiffany’s lap falling asleep)

Paws Assisting Veterans is so important. I would tell other veterans who struggle with PTSD, don’t quit. Don’t give up.
(profile shot of Tiffany and Sage walking in front of house)
(Picture of Sage with PAVE vest; camera zooms toward logo on Sage’s torso)
(Tiffany on camera talking)
END GRAPHIC PLATE with PAVE LOGO; website:; CFC # 76362; Thank You For Your Support!

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