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Peace Brigades International

Protect Human Rights Defenders Today to Promote Peace Tomorrow
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Executive Director of PBI Canada, International Advocacy Director of PBI Colombia accompany land defender Yuli Velásquez in Colombia.
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PBI Canada

Imagine facing threats, intimidation, and violence simply for standing up for you or your communities rights. This is the reality for human rights defenders across the world. Since 1981, Peace Brigades International (PBI) has been working alongside defenders, opening and protecting space for peace, conflict transformation and the defense of human rights in 14 countries. When you support PBI you are supporting international solidarity.
PBI supports individuals, communities, and movements on the ground, providing protective international observation as they mobilize and advocate for their rights. We call this accompaniment. Yuli Velásquez, a Colombian environmental defender, is one of many defenders that PBI accompanies. Yuli has suffered numerous attacks in an attempt to intimidate her to stop her work alongside communities protecting water sources against oil-production. But she isn’t alone, PBI walks next to her in marches, sits with her in advocacy meetings, and raises her voice to capitals around the world. The presence of PBI on the ground has allowed Yuli to uphold human rights without fear. Yuli says,"PBI is part of my second family for that accompaniment, for that voice of encouragement and confidence so that we as leaders can continue here in the territory defending our right to life, to food security and defending these communities that need it so much".
Defenders are at the heart of what we do. By supporting us, you are also strengthening a powerful global advocacy network that reaches far to protect those on the ground. Whether its Indigenous communities fighting to protect their land, women standing up against gendered-violence in internal conflicts or coalition of families searching for the truth about enforced disappearances一defenders are doing the work. Join us in widening the political space in which defenders can continue their legitimate work without fear. We all have a role to play in building peace. Will you join us?

We Defend the Defenders

Who are Human Rights Defenders?
Indigenous communities fighting to protect their land
Women standing up against gendered-violence in internal conflicts
Coalition of families searching for the truth about enforced disappearances

Why do Defenders need protection?
Indigenous Land Defender Bernardo Caal Xol was wrongfully imprisoned for 5 years
Audio: Some of us are in prison, others have been killed, tortured or disappeared

How does PBI practice human rights accompaniment?
Protective Accompaniment
Awareness Raising
Capacity Building

What is protective accompaniment?
Our international volunteers send a powerful message that the world is watching and prepared to act.

What is capacity building?
PBI training is highly tailored and specific to each local context. From creating new security protocols to supporting defenders to manage the emotional and psychological strain.

What is awareness raising?
Developing International support networks for human rights defenders and their causes.

What difference does human rights accompaniment make?
Thanks to Xavi, I wasn’t killed, he saw someone take out a gun to shoot me and at that moment he hugged me. PBI is a light in the middle of darkness that all of us human rights defenders need.

Defenders are at the heart of what we do.

We advocate at all levels—from the soldier at a local check point to the hall of the UN.

We all have a role to play in building peace.

Will you join us?

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Peace Brigades International
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