Philippine Empowerment for the Poor

Philippine Empowerment for the Poor


Philippine Empowerment for the Poor

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PEP Philippine Empowerment for the Poor Combined Federal Campaign# 12034
Who we are? We have been enjoying the support of many individuals since 1997 providing assistance to many needy individuals and outstanding non-profits in many parts of the Philippines - We are very proud that we have rescued many American Youth left behind in the Philippines and provided them a very warm and comfortable home in Sacramento, CA. Today they are enjoying lives in the USA with their new families and are living independent.
In our effort to help promote responsible charity we recently adopted a new name that is very identical to our new programs and services; PEP Philippine Empowerment for the Poor.
While we are very proud of the programs we have provided in the past which included the following: feeding, free education, clothing, funding o NGOs and others, we are now focused on helping the poor who are interested to help themselves! We believe that by helping and giving the poor the opportunity to stand up and take the responsibility of provided for their own needs, so that they will have self dignity and can contribute to the community in helping break the cycle of poverty!
Programs and services COVID-19 Response / 10,000 facemask project
livelihood program / organic farming project
helping poor farmers / in different communities
yearly noche buena project to 100 families
Your gift through CFC no matter how big or small will make a big difference! Thank you for giving through CFC!
LOGO / 8109 Arroyo Vista Dr, Sacramento CA USA 95823 Phone 916-222-7012 CFC# 12034

Philippine Empowerment for the Poor
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