Pikes Peak Justice and Pro Bono Center, Inc (The Justice Center)

Pikes Peak Justice and Pro Bono Center, Inc (The Justice Center)

Lawyers helping Veterans
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One of our widowed veteran clients had a civil case against a driver who had destroyed his parked car. Midway through the case he suffered a heart attack and was evicted from his home. In his words, "I have never been treated as well as I have been by The Justice Center! I applied to have my case taken for free at other places but no one would take my case. I applied to The Justice Center and received an email the next day asking for my financial information. I thought it was a machine at first but when I called the number a person answered and told me what I needed to hand in and how. I had a heart attack and became homeless with my service dog after that. I received 3 calls asking about my health and well being. You even helped me get into a shelter with my dog! I'll never forget that! Then The Justice Center gave me 2 attorneys to take my original case and my eviction case. I won both of them and I'm back in my home with my service dog and my new truck! I'd recommend you guys to anyone any day!"

The Justice Center

"The Justice Center was founded with a singular mission: to promote and increase access to justice in the Pikes Peak region."
"We've transformed this dream into a powerful reality through a multi-faceted approach providing free legal clinics in person, over the phone or through email, connecting applicants to free and reduced cost attorneys, and participating in community access-to-justice events.
“25% of those we proudly assist are members of the military, veterans, and their dependents. We are honored to serve those who've served our nation that find themselves living through vulnerable situations and require legal help"
"The Justice Center thrives on the support of volunteer lawyers, generous individuals, foundations, and friends LIKE YOU to be able to deliver much needed legal help to our community."
"By choosing The Justice Center as your CFC organization, we can ensure that access to justice is a respected legal right.”

Pikes Peak Justice and Pro Bono Center, Inc (The Justice Center)
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