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Potomac Conservancy celebrates 30 years of fighting for clean water
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This year, as we celebrate three decades of restoring clean water, we find ourselves at a momentous juncture—a place where the past converges with the future, and where the currents of our work have carried us to waters of hope and possibility.

Thirty years ago, we embarked on a journey to revive the Potomac River, the lifeblood of our community. Our hometown river was in trouble, burdened with the weight of pollution and generations of neglect. Its turbid and algae-ridden waters were hazardous to touch and deprived wildlife of healthy food and habitat.

The “Nation’s River” was calling out for help.

In response, a passionate group of paddlers took a stand in 1993 to save the ecologically rich shorelines of Mather Gorge from encroaching development. Resolved to create a ripple of change, they formed Potomac Conservancy, a land trust charged with safeguarding the scenic lands and waters of the Potomac River region.

Our clean water mission remains deeply rooted in conservation and community.

Through tireless work, community engagement, and forging strong partnerships, we’ve united a powerful movement that is driving transformational change for clean water. Together, we’re improving local water quality by protecting and restoring our forests – the Potomac’s best defense against pollution and the climate crisis.

Our organization has grown over the years, and so has our impact.

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