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Potomac Riverkeeper Network

Oxon Cove Earth Day Cleanup
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Volunteers collecting trash at our 2023 Earth Day Cleanup
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Alan Lehman

PRKN works to mitigate illegal dumping and littering in the Potomac River and its tributaries. To achieve this we host trash cleanups across our watershed and write comments and testify to elected officials in support of trash-reduction legislation.

Every Earth Day, hundreds of volunteers join together to make an impact on trash pollution in Oxon Cove at Oxon Hill Farm. Past cleanups at this location have yielded thousands of plastic bottles and dozens of large pieces of debris which may have been dumped decades ago. This year, our 186 volunteers filled 100 bags of trash and recovered 2,297 PET plastic bottles, as well as several shopping carts and tires. Our video was filmed and edited by Marissa Woods from American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking.

PRKN Oxon Cove Earth Day Clean Up 2023

are at the Potomac Riverkeeper Network, and it's all hands on deck for our Earth Day cleanup here at Oxon Cove, where we partner with some other organizations and we can get as many volunteers as we can find together to clean up this beautiful National Park land here in the DMV.

When I was yay big my mom would take my brother and myself around our neighborhood and actually pick up trash, so it's sort of ingrained in me, and I grew up being very conscious about litter and the environment.

I've done this type of pickup before and there are lots of volunteers, you know, yay!

Oxen Hill, particularly The Cove, it tends to get a brunt of a lot of the plastic and other garbage pollution here, and it's such a beautiful and such a historic park. There's so many people in the community that use it. It should be a target for us.

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