My life has changed.
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Before I discovered ProAction, my life was at a standstill. Fresh out of high school, I was weighed down by uncertainty. Dreams of making a meaningful impact felt distant as I found myself folding clothes at a mall job, wondering if this was as good as it gets.

That's when destiny took its course. During a seemingly ordinary shift, I noticed a buzz of activity in the mall. Curiosity piqued, I went through the crowd and found myself captivated by a ProAction Lieutenant. Her name was Paloma, and she was sharing her riveting journey in Emergency Medical Services. There was a spark in her eyes, an enthusiasm in her voice as she spoke about saving lives—something clicked within me.

Our conversation after her talk was a turning point. When Paloma told me about the scholarship opportunities ProAction offered, it felt like the universe was giving me a sign. A month later, I was enrolled in an EMS program. The journey wasn't easy, balancing studies, a part-time job, and, later, the responsibility of my beautiful daughter. But every challenge I faced was a step closer to the life I was meant to lead.

Two years have flown by, and I can't imagine doing anything else today. My career in EMS doesn't just pay the bills—it gives me a sense of purpose. As a parent, it fills me with pride to know I'm setting an example for my daughter, showing her the value of hard work, dedication, and compassion.

My experience has ignited a passion to give back to the community and programs like ProAction that turn dreams into reality. If you're standing at the crossroads of life, wondering which way to go, take it from me: opportunities don't just come knocking. Sometimes, you find them in the most unexpected places, waiting for you to seize the moment.

About ProAction

ProAction's mission is to improve lives and communities by providing immunization and other prevention-based care, allied health, first responder education, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). ProAction has seen 924,000 patients, trained 43,000 residents in CPR, First Aid, AED, and EMS, plus provided Emergency Medical Services at 13,000 mass gatherings in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. The community has shown an overwhelming need for our services. ProAction helps people overcome obstacles, enabling them to lead healthy, fulfilling, and successful lives.

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