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Roland Canterbury, Purple Heart Home’s 1000th Veteran Served!
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Mr. Canterbury on his new ramp
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Mr. Canterbury is a United States Army Vietnam veteran.

He was drafted at the age of 20, immediately after marrying his wife of 52 years. “Even though we got drafted, we all figured it’s our duty to go anyway,” said the veteran.

Once Mr. Canterbury returned home to his bride, he began noticing the impact of Agent Orange within a year’s time. He had heart surgery. Then, his legs were amputated. Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Canterbury’s hands were amputated as well.

Regardless of the life-changing surgeries, Mr. and Mrs. Canterbury were able to have three beautiful children: two boys and one girl. Their daughter, Laurie, has down-syndrome and lives with her parents. The three of them provide care and assistance to one another.

When Mr. Canterbury was asked about the work Purple Heart Homes is providing to improve his safety and accessibility, he said: “It’s going to help a whole lot. I have a sidewalk and a ramp out back; now, they’re building a ramp out front too. I will have two ways in and out of my house. The bathroom we have right now is very small. The new bathroom is going to be a big one that I can get in and use.”

Purple Heart Homes is proud to provide assistance to the Canterbury family, and we are excited to say “welcome home” to Roland Canterbury during our 1000th Veteran Projects Completed celebration!

US Army Veteran Mr. Robert Pyron receives tiny home after losing his family home to a tornado

The storm moved through the southern portion of the town with some homes taking a direct hit. Amidst the chaos, one man faced the devastating loss of everything he held dear. But, from the depths of despair, a ray of hope emerged. Purple Heart Homes, an organization dedicated to helping Veterans like Robert, stepped in. Ninety-year-old Robert Pyron, a proud Veteran, had seen it all serving his country, witnessing wars and triumphs. From those who made the project financially possible, the community came together to make this happen, the team who made the trip across four states to deliver Robert’s home. Purple Heart Homes delivered more than just a house. They provided a new beginning.

Purple Heart Homes
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