Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Food For Kids Program impact
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Jars of peanut butter and other items donated to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma during the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive 2023.
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The Backpack Program, one of the four Food for Kids Programs, provides elementary school children with a sack full of kid-friendly, non-perishable and nutritious food on Fridays to sustain them over the weekends and school holidays. All elementary schools in the Regional Food Bank’s 53-county service area are eligible to participate in this program. A Backpack Program coordinator in Edmond tells us that they had a family with several children receiving food assistance through the program. Their children’s mother called to say she was able to finish her degree and get a better job and that the family no longer needed to receive food.
“She was very thankful and said she hopes the children on the program will be as blessed as their family was for having the Backpack Program.

Pivot and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Narrator: Pivot is a private non-profit in the Oklahoma City area.
We primarily serve young people between the ages of 12 and 23.
On Screen: Jennifer Goodrich, CEO Pivot
Narrator: If you don’t know where you are going to lay your head at or if you haven’t eaten in a couple of days, all those other domains we talk about like school and work become very difficult.
So we knew we needed to have a strong partnership to be able to meet that need.
Person On Screen: My name is Lydia, I’m the Food Service Coordinator here at Pivot.
On Screen: Lydia, Food Service Coordinator at Pivot
Before it was just Sam’s runs, that would take six hours and cost a lot of money.
Without it, I don’t think we would be able to have a food pantry where youth can come and get things at our main office building.
We wouldn’t have snacks when they get back from school.
We wouldn’t be able to give as much as we can give without the Regional Food Bank.
On Screen: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma logo
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