Rescue Mission International, Inc.

Rescue Mission International, Inc.

From Hopelessness to a Life of Hope and Vision
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Robert at his new business
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Rescue Mission International, Inc.

From Hopelessness to a Life of Hope and Vision
Robert’s Story
With much appreciation, I thank RMI for their hand that got me when I was about to reach the end of the road.
I joined RMI in 2007 when I was in Primary one at Kasisi. I am an orphan. My father passed on when I was still young. My mother left me with my grandparent and life was very hard. As if that was not enough, my life was off and on due to sickness. I was born with sickle cell anemia and would collapse almost every week.
I thank God for RMI, for becoming a parent to me. Even when I was weak and not doing well in school, I was loved and cared for by the RMI leaders here in Uganda. My sponsors believed in me and fought for my life. Now I am a man with hope and a vision. Through RMI support I was received treatment for my illness and equipped with skills of life.
Due to my illness, I could not continue with formal school, but my sponsors continued to love and support me. In 2018 I was given a popcorn machine to begin a small business. Later I got a hands-on training of repairing phones, a skill I would like to improve on when resources allow.
I am grateful that RMI came into my life, may the almighty God richly bless, my beloved sponsors and the Church of the Living God.
I am forever grateful.

RMI Mission and Impact

My name is Ebby Haywood. Rescue Mission International transforms the lives of vulnerable children by paying for their education, meals and vocational training. Robert is an orphan, born with sickle cell anemia and without hope. Today he owns his own small business. Thank you for supporting nonprofits through the CFC. God bless.

Rescue Mission International, Inc.
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