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The Road Home

Hope after darkness
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For several years, Leah had experienced domestic violence by the father of her three children. With her tiny humans in tow, Leah sought shelter at TRH’s Midvale Family Resource Center. With a safe roof over their heads, reliable meals, and other services that met their human needs, this vulnerable family worked with an assigned case manager to be connected to resources suited to their unique needs and circumstances, including trauma exposure.

Because of Leah’s family’s history with chronic homelessness, they qualified for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and were offered placement in Palmer Court, one of the housing properties operated by TRH. The children attended a weekly book club and STEM classes run by volunteers onsite at Palmer Court, where they also made friends. In large part thanks to our Housing Program, Leah is now working full-time, and her children are thriving in their programs. The family is stable, ready to move out of Palmer Court, and currently looking for their next home.

100 Years of Opening Doors

0:01 For some, a door is a new beginning, a way forward.
0:05 For others on the outside, it’s a barrier to safety and security.
0:11 Over the past 100 years, The Road Home has been opening these doors to those in need.

Michelle Flynn, Executive Director:
0:16 So, when someone’s coming in, and we’re saying, “How can we help?”, we’re opening that welcoming door, and we’re welcoming people in with love and compassion, and saying, “What is it that we can help you with?”

The Road Home
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