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“When they call it A Safe Haven, they mean it.” – Three Veterans on How A Safe Haven Foundation Has Helped Them
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One of Our Veterans, Robert Shaw

For over 20 years, A Safe Haven Foundation has been dedicated to helping the people who need it most. Help can mean a lot of things. It means providing mental health support for those struggling, case management for people who seek guidance, nutritious food for the hungry, and importantly, housing for the homeless. Tragically, one population in dire need of housing support are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. That’s why A Safe Haven is committed to helping veterans in need live better lives.

Here are some veterans’ stories on how A Safe Haven has supported them:

Dave, former U.S. Navy, was without housing for almost a year after a debilitating illness prevented him from continuing his work and resulted in his eviction. He was staying in a motel when he heard gunshots on his floor. He called his veteran contact and told them he “might as well be in Baghdad.” Now in A Safe Haven’s Veterans Apartments, he feels safe and secure. The security and stability gave him a chance to find an inner peace that he didn’t know he had. Now back on his feet, he’s leaving the residences and his fellow troops to begin independent living in a month. He’s sad to be going, but he’ll be back with meat in tow for the 4th of July and Memorial Day barbeques and is looking forward to hosting any veterans without families on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most important thing for him is that he’s freeing up a bed for a veteran who needs it more.

Natalie, former U.S. Air Force, loves both playing and watching sports; right now, she’s rooting for the New York Liberty in the WNBA and the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. She moved back to the Chicago area to take care of her stepmother, whose dementia was worsening. Unfortunately, she became violent, making it impossible for Natalie to stay with her and remain safe. She was referred to A Safe Haven and has been staying here since. On her second day, she met a woman who quickly became her best friend. They would do everything together, including visiting Natalie’s stepmother to care for her. She was a warm, welcoming presence in what had been a hostile and unsafe environment for Natalie. Even though her friend passed a few months ago, Natalie still feels like she’s always got someone to talk to. She’s able to live independently thanks to A Safe Haven’s support. And she’s looking forward to New York winning the WNBA series.

Bill, 10th Mountain Division, and his wife were living in his car before they found A Safe Haven. Both of them were delighted to have some stability; Bill was especially happy to be among other veterans, to share his stories, and hear from others. He feels like these conversations let the veterans release the years of tension they’ve built up over the years, with the peace of mind of stable housing giving them the courage to face what they’ve been through. Bill’s wife has since passed away, but he still feels like she’s here with him. He knows that she thought it was a home. And he’s glad the other veterans feel the same way. They’re a community, working together, fixing each other up, working out their problems, and building towards what Bill calls “a better tomorrow.”

You can be a part of this better tomorrow by donating to A Safe Haven Foundation today! Every donor becomes a part of A Safe Haven’s community, dedicated and committed to uplifting our city’s most vulnerable population. Support our veterans by making a donation today!

If you would like to volunteer with your team or explore other partnerships, contact us at [email protected]. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Helping Our Nation's Heroes

1: My wife and I were living in the street, in a car. We were in need, desperate need.
2: This has given me an opportunity to not have to struggle as hard and be on the streets. I'm here, where I am safe, because there's a lot of everything going on out there in the world; it's just a different place.
1: That's why I feel like helping out participating in building a better place.
3: They're always doing something positive for the veterans. Anyone who's military, you know, you'll feel safe here. It is. When you call it A Safe Haven it is; it's a very very secure spot.
4. If I need to talk to someone, I have somebody to talk to, always.
5. These people here, they're all I got. I love them to death, man, I wouldn't give them up for nothing.

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