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Sandia Search Dogs

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Sandia Search Dogs teams arrive on scene to help during flash flooding in New Mexico. In this image a pickup truck is shown that had been washed down and is now lodged amongst trees.
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Sandia Search Dogs

For the last 25 years, Sandia Search Dogs—an all-volunteer organization—has specialized in training and deploying dogs for human search and rescue in New Mexico and across the Southwest. Our members are drawn from diverse backgrounds and professions, but we share a common love of outdoor activities and a commitment to helping people in distress. To better fulfill our mission goals, our team has worked hard to develop a broad range of mountain and wilderness skills, bringing years of combined experience to search and rescue missions, which are often conducted in extreme terrain and weather conditions. Most often, the team assists with search and rescue missions within the Sandia, Manzano, and Jemez Mountains, or other wilderness areas in the central part of the state, but we have also deployed at the request of the New Mexico State Police or other agencies to assist with missing person emergencies and human remains detection and recovery. Sandia Search Dogs often works in partnership with other search and rescue organizations, including out-of-state, and our team has been a long-term active member of the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council.

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Slide show and videos of canines in training and in action in a variety of water and wilderness-type landscapes.

"For the one who's been lost in the wilderness. For the one who hasn't made it home. For the one who's injured and suffering all alone. We are Sandia Search Dogs, here to alleviate human suffering and to preserve human life. Save someone today. Save the one."

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