Sarcoma Foundation of America, Inc.

Sarcoma Foundation of America, Inc.



Leading the sarcoma community for 23 years (sarcoma SFA Foundation of America finding the cure in our time- logo)
twenty three years ago, the sarcoma foundation of America (SFA) was founded to fill an unmet need. To fund and advocate for more sarcoma research. Encourage the development of new therapies. Grow awareness and educate sarcoma patients. SFA's Advocacy - talked to FDA to streamline approval process for sarcoma - Met with legislators to increase funding for sarcoma research - spoke with nci about a plan for a national sarcoma research agenda. SFA strives to amplify awareness, spotlighting sarcoma patients' unique challenges and the urgency for new therapies. SFA led an advocacy campaign to petition congress to name July sarcoma awareness month. (phot to the rt of the page of S. Res. 319-117th congress (2021-2022) Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reading the resolution from teh senate floor.)
LOGO - Race Cure Sarcoma
The Leading US Sarcoma run/walk series - 19th annual races - $1.3 million raised annually - 5,000 + participants each year
The path to a cure is research, and research is the heart of SFA
SFA has invested over $20 million in sarcoma research
Funding over 110 institutions in over 12 countries
SFA's research funding has led to 10+ clinical trials - 5 pending clinical trials
over 200 research grants funded - over 180 total publications (photos of various publications)
Build a pipeline of investigators through - 8 American society of clinical oncologists (ASCO) young investigators awards - 2 advanced clinical research awards (ASCO) conquer cancer foundations awards - 2 (ASCO) conquer cancer foundation awards career development awards (two photos of awards)
Our grants have generated over $26.5 million in subsequent research funding (Government and non-profit)
LOGO sarcoma SFA Foundation of America finding the cure in our time

Sarcoma Foundation of America, Inc.
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