South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, Inc.

South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, Inc.

Rain Garden Installed in Bucksport, SC Community
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Volunteers with garden tools stand around a finished rain garden installation
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Coastal Conservation League

In March 2023, the Conservation League, along with partners American Rivers, Coastal Carolina University, and Clemson Extension staff installed two new rain gardens in Bucksport, South Carolina, a community that has experienced major flooding events almost annually since 2015. Rain gardens will not solve the riverine flooding issue for the community entirely but will help mitigate flooding from heavy rain events for a family and a community church property while providing native vegetation for pollinators.

The Beauty of Lewis Ocean Bay Through Art

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Earlier this summer, climate activist and Charleston based artist Mary Edna Fraser spent some time out at Lewis Ocean Bay in Horry County, South Carolina, capturing its unique beauty in painting. She used her time there to encourage others to stand up for the nature preserve by signing our petition to protect this unique and biodiverse ecosystem from a ne. We are grateful for her support and loved seeing the final painting.

South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, Inc.
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