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When Phallon Rogers needed help finding child care for her son, she called thread.
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Phallon Rogers

"We moved to a new apartment in January, and we needed to find a child care program in the area for my 10-year-old son. With all the stresses that come with moving, I didn’t know what to do about child care. This wasn’t just any small thing like calling the electric company to change my address—this is where my child was going to spend so much of his time!

"I needed help so I contacted my case worker with Child Care Assistance, who referred me to thread. I called thread and spoke to Wendy, who was so kind and understanding. We talked about how to visit programs and select the one that was right for my son. She offered advice as if she was offering it to her friend versus just another client. It was the best advice for me in that moment.

"She sent over a detailed list of programs that accepted Child Care Assistance in my area. It was so helpful to have one less thing to do in the middle of a stressful time. We visited several programs and found one we liked that would pick up my son from school for after-school care."

Get to Know thread

Stephanie Berglund, CEO of thread: "thread is the childcare resource and referral organization that where we work across the state to increase access to affordable and high quality childcare. All of our services are in support of the early childhood and childcare sector to serve children, help them be ready as they enter school. So we provide direct services to families. That includes free childcare referrals, helping them understand how to shop for childcare. thread is really proud to serve as the largest trainer of early educators in the state. They are the number one indicator of quality in a program."

Christina Jurenka, Manager of Child Care at Providence Alaska: "thread has been a support for, um, the childcare industry, um, here in Alaska for a long time. And we have used thread to get training to improve practices in the classroom. They've been there to provide the support that we needed to improve."

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