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UCP’s Adult Day Programs help support our clients in their next stages in life. UCP has eight Adult Day Program locations serving over 320 clients annually. Each program works on developing and providing daily living skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, person centered planning and ensuring clients know they are valued members of our community.

One of our clients, Gary, has been with UCP since 2008 and is one of our oldest clients at 82. Gary attends programming at the Twin Rivers II campus and enjoys helping in the classroom with tasks such as watering the garden, putting things away, taking out the trash, cleaning up messes, and helping others however he can. While at program Gary really enjoys listening to music and dancing.

Gary is very independent and he enjoys doing most things on his own or with minimal support. Gary lives in a care home and really enjoys having his own room. While at home his favorite thing to do it watch TV on his 55” big screen TV. He loves music and dancing, especially Michael Jackson and when music he loves is being played, Gary will get very excited and dance with such contagious energy. Gary is very social and enjoys coming to program at Twin Rivers II to spend time with his friends and staff. Gary is a jokester and loves to play harmless and funny pranks on others, but he is also very affectionate and loves to give hugs. Staff call him “Mr. Too Cool for School” because he can often be seen wearing his sunglasses even when inside. Gary is almost always happy and laughs at everything and everyone. It is rare to see him in a bad mood and you can count on him to put you in a good mood just by being around him. He encourages others by telling them “I like you” with excitement and a big smile on his face. “Overall, Gary is such a fun guy to be around and having him in one’s life is such a privilege and delight.”

Thanks to your support, UCP’s Adult Day programs can maintain the resources for Gary to be himself, surrounded by friends and activities.

UCP of Sacramento and Northern California
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