Empowering Youth Through Education
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Gerlyn, an Unbound scholarship recipient, now works as a associate software engineer for a company that serves international clients
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Gerlyn’s sponsorship through Unbound inspired her throughout elementary school and college to study hard to reach her goals, and she was consistently an honors student. As an Unbound scholarship alumni living in the Philippines, Gerlyn, now 24, was able to obtain her degree and works as an associate software engineer for a company that serves international clients.

Unbound Scholarships Give Students Room to Dream.

Unbound has partnered with more than 1 million children, youth, elders and families in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Unbound scholarships give students room to dream. Your donation to Unbound provides direct scholarship assistance to promising young women and men.
Scholarships help cover tuition, transportation and supplies.
Interested students go through an application process, and are selected by local Unbound staff.
Unbound scholars...
Serve as positive role models for younger children.
Maintain satisfactory grades.
Participate in community service projects.
Give scholars space to succeed today.
Make your CFC pledge to Unbound (CFC #12041) today.

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