Unicorn Cancer Thrivers Foundation

Unicorn Cancer Thrivers Foundation

Bringing healing and hope to those living with late stage metastatic breast cancer.
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Wang Shein

Let’s change the narrative for those living with late stage metastatic breast cancer.

We know about breast cancer right? Did you know this: 👉🏻 30% of early breast cancers will come back as late stage cancer - 1, 5, even 20+ years later. This is called metastatic breast cancer (MBC), i.e. stage IV.

MBC hits different.

Imagine This: you get told you have breast cancer. It is late stage, meaning it has spread around your body and there is no cure today. Survival is 2-3 years, if you get treatment the entire time, assuming they work. Still in shock, you start to realize a few things: how do I navigate all this, will treatment work, if I’m on treatment how do I work, how long can I keep my job, who’s going to pay the bills, what if I have to travel to get care, who will pick up the kids from school, and who will take care of family later?

There is no single place to get help on these. Specialized support is needed to improve quality of life, give the best chance, and give hope to the 168k living with MBC and their caregivers.

Janice did something about it. Diagnosed at 33, my wife smashed odds as an MBC thriver, certified yogi, adventurer, and puppy momma for 10.5 years. She was also a tireless patient advocate - part of a grassroots patient team who pushed for an MBC support program at MD Anderson Cancer Center; after many years, it became reality and the first of its kind. Janice passed last year. Having shared every step, I took our torch and founded a charity to continue making positive impacts.

What We are Doing Now: Unicorn Cancer Thrivers is a nonprofit founded to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE for metastatic breast cancer patients and caregivers. We helped raise almost $48,000 last year that went directly to two MBC-related support organizations at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Combined, they provided services like navigation (treatment, clinical trials), support groups, webinars, and financial support benefitting over 1,000 MBC patients across the US.

Where the $ Goes: 100% of donations will directly benefit those affected by MBC. Specifically, we will support emerging MBC-related programs at reputable cancer centers and community health centers in California, as well as continue support of MD Anderson.

How to Help: Join our cause by donating to help relieve the burden and renew hope for those living with late stage metastatic breast cancer.

With gratitude,

Wang Shein
Founder & Executive Director

Let's change the story for late stage breast cancer, together!

I'm Wang, founder of Unicorn Cancer Thrivers.
What if you had a life that was filled with fear and anxiety?
You have a rare disease. It's growing fast. It has no cure.
This is the reality of Metastatic Breast Cancer, which is a late stage 4 cancer, meaning it has spread around the body.
Many treatments are going to be needed.
When you support us, 100% of the donations goes towards navigating treatment, for education, for support groups, and for financial assistance.
Help us change the story, from one of fear, to one of healing and hope.
Thank you.

Unicorn Cancer Thrivers Foundation
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