United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Supporting Communities Across Africa with Farming and Agricultural Training Programs
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Yambasu Agriculture Initiative

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the global humanitarian aid and development organization of the United Methodist Church. They support people in need through key impact areas like disaster relief, health and hunger, education, community development and more. Through their work they transform the lives of individuals and nurture communities in sustainable ways.

Their Bishop John K. Yambasu Agriculture Initiative supports churches across Africa in fully mobilizing local and regional resources for crops and animal raising. The program improves household livelihoods and food security through training opportunities, providing seeds and tools and ultimately helping communities in Africa to become more self-sustaining. Recently they had 27 farm and technical operatives from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe attend at a two-week training to learn agricultural entrepreneurial skills in sustainable farming. The initiative has also cultivated about 140 acres for rice farming in Sierra Leone, is developing farms across Zimbabwe, training 200 farmers in Liberia, and working on intensive agricultural development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They developed a training center in North Katanga, DRC, and are working with communities in crop production, marketing, administration and project development. Through these programs UMCOR and its partners can address critical problems around food security in Africa, generate income to fund future projects, create jobs for local communities and provide an additional source of revenue for participants.


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For 75 years UMCOR has been called to be
Image: Back of person showing UMCOR logo on vest
The hand and feed of Christ
Image: Men carrying buckets with UMCOR logo
To a world weary with suffering
Image: Person doing construction on roof
And in need of hope.
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Through donation, money, time, skill, and prayer
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United Methodists have supported UMCOR
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In its work of witnessing for peace,
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Restoring lives, addressing injustice and joining with others
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To build a sustainable future
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For people in need.
Image: Mother and her 2 children
Image: Family and their kids sitting
To provide aid to those affected by earthquakes
Image: Men removing rocks in rubble
Image: Women holding supplies over head
Floods, tsunamis,
Image: People standing in destructed area from disasters
Civil strife, hunger poverty,
Image: Kid crouched down next to UMCOR bag
And countless other devastating circumstances
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Image: Volunteers delivering UMCOR bag of resources
And today, the amazing hands of UMCOR
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Reach lives in over 80 countries
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Worldwide, and today because of you,
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Image: UMCOR workers helping community members
UMCOR stands poised
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to begin the next chapter
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In its amazing history.
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Be love, be hope, be UMCOR.
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United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
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