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Meet Aleia!
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Aleia, a high school sophomore
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Space Foundation

A bright high school sophomore, Aleia participated in a semester-long Space Foundation program last spring. For the first half of the term, her class explored a variety of science theories related to real world space applications. Aleia’s favorite lesson involved model rocket construction and launch angle predictions for a successful, theoretical, send off to Mars.

During the latter half of the semester, curriculum shifted; Aleia and her classmates were presented with the unique opportunity to assume the role of mock entrepreneurs. Her class split up into groups and each group addressed a space-related challenge, brainstorming an innovative business strategy and an effective entry proposal to bring it to market. Aleia’s team proposed a habitation plan for Mars, utilizing underground lava tubes for radiation-safe shelter. Their entrepreneurial journey culminated in a compelling business presentation delivered to a panel of local entrepreneurs.

When asked about her future, Aleia was inspired by her experience, remarking, “My career aspirations did change after this program. I don’t know exactly what career I would like to pursue, but I do know that I want to explore more engineering branches to see if I grow an interest in them.”

Like Aleia, a growing number of students are eager to discover their passion for science. All it takes is a spark to kindle their curiosity.

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For four decades, Space Foundation has been on a mission to ignite the passion for science and innovation in the hearts of the next generation. We bridge the opportunity gap for thousands of students annually, empowering them with experiential science education.

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With your partnership, we make dreams take flight. Thank you for standing with us.

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