United Way of El Paso County

United Way of El Paso County

Everyone deserves to have dreams.
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Photographed: Zeke

However, when we’ve experienced hardship, simply
wishing for things in life feels unimaginable. That’s how
it was for Zeke as he navigated difficult situations as a
But with the support of a Community Impact Funded
agency, Zeke and his family were able to gain the
resources needed to support him on his healing journey
and help him thrive.
Though healing isn’t linear, Zeke now has the courage
to dream–about his future, about his goals, and beyond.
The support he and his family received helped pave the
path for a brighter future for them all

United Way of El Paso County

Since the beginning of it all, we have hit the ground running, connecting partners, leveraging resources, and transforming lives.
A hundred years later, we continue to do so today by evolving and responding to El Paso’s changing needs.
We are connecting all walks of life far and wide throughout El Paso County.
Contributing to the community we call home by...


Every child a strong start, with quality afterschool programs, and the tools to succeed in education and beyond


our locally funded agencies and helping them achieve long-term sustainability so they can continue offering their crucial services to our community


Our community with a strong foundation for emergency services and resources to connect El Pasoans to the support they need in order to have a shared prosperity
The Impact of Many is you, the doers, the dreamers, and givers of El Paso
With one donation it leads a multitude of possibilities

Your gift is so much more than a donation. It builds on the capacity of our United Way to ensure we continue to lead and fund critical programs so that the future is an El Paso where everyone can thrive.

Anything is possible, when we are UNITED

United Way of El Paso County
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