United Way of Southern Nevada

United Way of Southern Nevada

Unidos Por Nevada "Together For Nevada".
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Unidos Por Nevada "Together For Nevada".
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United Way of Southern Nevada.

Language Access Group - is a cross-sector working group dedicated to building a comprehensive language access plan for our region. This program addresses the existing and overwhelming need to support our non-English proficient community in Nevada. Throughout the pandemic, an overwhelming number of public, private, and philanthropic organizations came together to offer mutual support to community members in Nevada. However, historically marginalized, and under-resourced communities still face barriers when it comes to receiving financial support, resources, and information offered by many nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit organization and convener to many others in the State, United Way of Southern Nevada's mission is to support the safety and well-being of all individuals, and by addressing this communication barrier, access to programs will be improved and effective - therefore improving the quality of life for many Nevadans.

Your Dollars at Work.

In the last year, United Way of Southern Nevada collaborated with over 80 different organizations to support over 200,000 people in our community with educational, workforce, and community service programs. We enrolled over 600 of our youngest learners in high-quality early education programs across the state of Nevada, and we supported over 350 students on their path to college or career. Our team also invested in programs that help adults get their high school equivalency, enroll in job training programs, and build the skills they need to be successful in their career. These workforce development programs helped more than 2,300 people take tangible steps toward financial stability.

United Way of Southern Nevada
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