Warrior-Scholar Project

Warrior-Scholar Project

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Tina Wong US Army, WSP Yale University Alumna

After high school, Tina Wong enlisted in the Army, where she served for four years. Following her service, she enrolled in community college and then transferred to Stanford University, but she never considered herself a confident student.

"Rave reviews" from friends about Warrior-Scholar Project led Tina to enroll in a virtual all-women’s humanities boot camp with Yale University. Among the many highlights: the tremendous sense of belonging and unique growth opportunity to learn in a cohort of other women vets, the structure and support provided, and pragmatic study skills, such as learning how to effectively “fast-” and “slow-read” a passage, or how to construct a strong argument. “The pace was intense," she says, "but the intentions behind the course invited us to embrace the challenge [.]"

As a non-traditional student, Tina values the additional years of context she and her peers could apply to better explore history and re-visit the foundations of democracy -- particularly as a veteran. Discussing topics such as national unity, or the military-civilian divide was, she said, "especially meaningful" in an all-women cohort.


I think the biggest limiting factor keeping enlisted veterans out of schools, out of colleges, out of elite colleges is they don't think they can, so they don't try. Warrior Scholar project is the skill bridge between military service and skills and attending a top tier university. The whole goal is to help veterans or active duty transitioning into the civilian world.

Helping them build that bridge to higher education, it helped me manage how to balance out my class schedule better, how to manage my time better, how to study better, and my very first semester after WSP straight a's very first time in my life, I told my dad to put it on the fridge.

It's pretty cool. By the time that you leave a WSP cohort, you have the confidence that you can be successful in a college classroom, and that's what it's all about.

Warrior-Scholar Project
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