Washington Trails Association

Washington Trails Association

Washington Trail Association
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Two members of WTA's professional Lost Trails Found crew, use a crosscut saw to remove a log from a trail.
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Ginevra Moore

In 2022, WTA improved 285 trails with the help of dedicated volunteers who donated 151,000 hours of their time. WTA maintains trails ranging from those in neighborhood parks to those deep in the backcountry at risk of being lost due to wildfires and years of underfunding. WTA is also helping develop new trail systems, like those in the Teanaway Community Forest, to help create new hiking experiences and meet the demand of the growing hiking community.

Creating Champions for Trails

0:01 Having access to trails is like really important for me. Physically it’s good exercise,
emotionally like helps me clear my head.
0:09 My favorite memory, or at least the one I turn to all the time is the time when I realized that
hiking was my passion, and that was out in the Olympic National Park up on the High Divide
and I was looking out at the rainforest below and the Pacific Ocean just beyond and that sense
of being in this place that was so much bigger than me, and so amazing, made me realize that
hiking is my love, and I want to do it as much as possible and I want to share it with others.
0:42 WTA is really important because we are the place where almost any hiker in Washington
can come and have their voice amplified.
0:50 At a time when trails and public lands need champions, Washington Trails Association
brings hikers together to make a lasting difference. Join Washington Trails Association and
become a champion for trails.

Washington Trails Association
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