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Clean water for Baby Sandra
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Baby Sandra, being held by her mom, is only a few days old and was born into a community without access to clean water.
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Meet Sandra, an adorable resident in the small village of Sapoua. Unfortunately, Sandra’s country, the Central African Republic, has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, largely due to the lack of clean drinking water. But things will be different for Sandra.

Sapoua’s Water for Good handpump provides clean water, giving both mom and baby a healthy start. With your generosity, we install and maintain water points in this forgotten country, providing the most vulnerable, like Sandra, with life-changing clean water. With just $5 providing clean water for one child like Sandra, let’s end water poverty in her lifetime!

Meet Dieu Merci

Twelve-year-old Dieu Merci can’t attend school because he can’t access clean water. He said, "My clothes are dirty, and I don't have a way to wash them, so I can't go to school.”(14:36) To reduce the spread of disease, Central African children cannot attend school in dirty clothes, so without clean water, Dieu Merci misses out on a chance for education.

We tell kids to dream big, reach for the stars, and that they can be anything they want to be.
Because we’ve always had it, many of us do not fully appreciate the power of clean water. Clean water brings health which helps make a happy child. A happy, healthy child can learn, empowering the child to live a full, impactful life.

Will you consider growing a dream with clean water? Any gift directly impacts the children in the Central African Republic.

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